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  • Walk through the entire interpretive process in weekly videos.
  • Sometimes they may come bi-weekly; but I’m only going to PROMISE weekly videos.
  • Videos are 5-10 minutes each in length.
  • Designed to be a digestible and actionable process you can keep up with…AND (most importantly) finish.
  • The videos are FREE! (Woo-hoo!)


Pre-Series Video:
Invitation to the Walk-Through Video Series

In this video, Dr. Eastman invites you to a step-by-step video series in which you can walk through the entire interpretive process presented in the book, Women, Leadership, and the Bible.
On completion, you will know how to find answers—biblically and theologically—to your toughest life questions.
To participate in the video series, you must register via the linked button below the video screen.
Registration is free.

Frequently Asked Questions



Is this for women only?

No. A method for studying and interpreting the Bible deeply and effectively would obviously benefit either men or women. In fact, Dr. Eastman reports that many times during her research, while she was seeking a book contract, and simply in talking with people about the project, men would say to her, “Hey, I need that, too! Lots of men need that! What about us?”

However, in general, Dr. Eastman speaks in both the book and throughout the video series as though she is speaking to a woman (or a group of women). This means that sometimes she uses “girlfriend talk” or “female” images, examples, and metaphors. But the content of the method is equally applicable, and hopefully helpful, to either males or females.

That said, we believe that men who choose to participate will find that the “girlfriend language” is not over the top and that they will benefit greatly from learning the process.

If I register, what exactly am I registering for?

If you register through the button above, you are registering for complimentary access to the Premium Level of Biblical Breakthrough! You will have full access to the BB! site and resources for 7 days. To retain full access to the premium-level resources, you will need to join the monthly, paid membership program. You will have several opportunities to consider this option and upgrade if you wish.

If you do not wish to upgrade, do nothing. You will be automatically enrolled in the Complimentary Level of the BB! program, which will still give you full access to the WLB Method Video Series and many other helpful, members-only resources.

We hope this program blesses and helps you in your spiritual – and biblical – growth!

If I register, will I get a bunch of ads and spam?

In a word: no. We promise.

That said, the site itself will eventually be “monetized” for relevant ads and opportunities that will potentially benefit our site readers and members. But our commitment is that these will be in no way a bother or nuisance. Why? Because we don’t like that, either. But we will never sell or rent your email address or other personal information without notifying you – as some are in the habit of doing – and intend to earn and maintain the trust you’ve placed in us on a constant basis.

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