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Leah Everson on Studying Literary Context

Leah Everson is a Redbud Writers Guild colleague of mine with a sharp mind. We’ve only met virtually thus far, but sometimes that’s all you need to appreciate and connect with someone on certain levels. Today, as part of our Best Practices series, Leah is introducing us to one of my favorite parts of the Bible study process: analyzing the literary context of a passage. I had originally scheduled this post for the “One Thing You Can Use in Your Bible Study Today” series over at the natalieeastman.com blog. But I realized it’s much more of a how-to supporting what […]

Cara Meredith on How to Look at a Passage Exegetically (VLOG)

How to Look at a Passage Exegetically A V-LOG Contributed by Cara Meredith Cara Meredith provides us with a handy introduction to studying a passage using exegetical techniques. I hope it’s helpful to you. Please leave a comment below as you engage with the material! Interacting and Applying What action(s) resonated with you from what Cara taught? Why? Please leave comments below. About Cara Cara Meredith is a writer, speaker and musician from the greater San Francisco area. She is passionate about theology and books, her family, meals around the table, and finding Beauty in the most unlikely of places. […]

Dr. Karelynne Ayayo on “Developing the Skill of Observation in Your Bible Study.”

The Skill of Observation Contributed by Karelynne Gerber Ayayo “Did you get a haircut?” I ask my husband as he walks in the door. “Yes,” he says with a smile.  “Three days ago.” It is embarrassing to admit, but I have conversations like this all too often!  Although in many contexts I am actually quite detail-oriented, I am notoriously bad at noticing things that pertain to a person or topic that feels familiar to me. I think that’s one of the reasons why I have become so committed to engaging in observation as part of the process of studying and […]

Lynn Bell on Comparing the Gospels as a Tool for Deeper Understanding

Matthew Is Not Mark Is Not Luke Is Not John – For A Reason Comparing the Gospels as a Tool for Deeper Understanding Contributed by Lynn Bell I once attended a church where the minister was known for his practice of reading all the way through the Bible every month. His discipline for being so “in the Word” is admirable. Yet, possibly influenced by this practice, his public teaching seemed to reflect a perspective of the Bible as one long book written all at once by a single author. He rarely mentioned the characteristics of a specific genre included within […]

Guest Blogger Lineup During July 2015 Book Tour

Meanwhile, back at the blogs… During our grueling (yet fun, I’m sure) Author-Insanity Book Tour Road Trip Extravaganza, I want to have new content for readers. So, both of my blogs will be featuring the writing and teaching of many outstanding female Christian writers, bloggers, and biblical experts. Because my readership focuses on Bible study and interpretation for the “everyday Christian” woman, how to study the Bible to figure out biblical answers to hard life questions, and great user-friendly tools for people wanting to go deeper in understanding and interpreting the Word, that is what our guest bloggers will be offering. The Topics One […]