​I am honored to announce that my new book,
Women, Leadership, and the Bible:
How Do I Know What to Believe?
A Practical Guide to Biblical Interpretation
will be released within about three weeks!

I have been working on this book for over ten years. It would be an extreme understatement to say that I am excited to share it with you! So, I’d like to give you the link to register for email updates.

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Women, Leadership, and the Bible?

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What’s the Book About?

When it comes to understanding what the Bible says concerning women’s roles, plenty of books exist telling women what to think; precious few help women think for themselves. Women, Leadership, and the Bible helps women learn to interpret the Bible and discern for themselves answers to their questions about women’s roles in the church, along with any other issue they may face in life. In straightforward, plain language, it leads women through a five-step, easy-to-follow process for studying the Bible and interpreting what they study.

Since my earliest days in full-time ministry, I’ve felt passionate about helping women of all ages and walks of life to develop biblically and theologically. I dream, doodle, and deliberate over ways to inspire women to engage their faith with the thoughtfulness, precision, and methods many believe to be reserved for seminarians, Christian “experts,” and academics.

“What Benefits Can I Expect from Reading WLB?”

Great question. I look forward to working with you, along with the women you know and love, as you…

  • Get Clarity! Clarity on your hardest biblical questions! Bring ’em on!
  • Engage with Biblical Integrity! With Scripture as your highest source and the center of all your study and thought, become more informed on both Scripture and your most perplexing issues.
  • Think Biblically and Theologically! Learn to sift and sort ideas, feelings, and opinions through the lens of Scripture, rather than the other way around.
  • Experience Freedom! Experience freedom to utilize your spiritual gifts how you understand God to be communicating in the Bible.
  • Feel Security! Feel secure in yourself, calling, giftedness, and relationship with God, as well as in your Christian community and conversations, because you know why you believe what you believe.
  • Live Confidently before God! Gain confidence that you are understanding and obeying his Word as best you can.

“What Methodology Did You Use for WLB?”

In formulating the book’s five-step method, I drew upon the full- and part-time ministry experiences I’ve been blessed to have, my Master of Divinity, my Doctor of Ministry in “Effective Ministries to Women,” and my doctoral research on how women make biblical and theological decisions. Yet, in order to provide a rounder, richer experience for readers and learners, I also collected and analyzed in-depth surveys from more than 300 women and extensively interviewed 37 women in Christian ministry and leadership. Including their questions, perspectives, and learning and development processes in my research, and subsequently in the book, enabled me to understand and communicate even deeper insights, because I was able to pinpoint how they came to knowbiblically and theologically – why they believe what they believe about women’s roles in church leadership.

“Is There Anything Else to Go with the Book?”

Along with the release of my book, I will be launching a ministry-business around its core message:

  • Empowering women to find their interpretive voice,
  • Engaging Scripture using seminary-level tools and capabilities, and
  • Taking the concepts found in my book to the next level.

Remember, If you are passionate about living a life full of freedom through Scripture and would like to receive updates, please click that link above to join the announcement list for the book’s availability. We will never share or sell your information, or otherwise misuse your trust.

Thank you so much for your support throughout the years. Many of you have seen this project from its inception and many have participated in it, in one way or another. I look forward to sharing this continuing journey together, as we enrich our lives through plumbing the depths of God’s Word.

Many blessings,

Dr. Natalie Eastman
The Verity Initiative

P.S. Please, feel free to share this post and the sign-up link with anyone you feel may be interested in the book’s contents. Thank you for helping us spread the word!





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