Guest Blogger Lineup During July 2015 Book Tour

Meanwhile, back at the blogs…

During our grueling (yet fun, I’m sure) Author-Insanity Book Tour Road Trip Extravaganza, I want to have new content for readers. So, both of my blogs will be featuring the writing and teaching of many outstanding female Christian writers, bloggers, and biblical experts.

Because my readership focuses on Bible study and interpretation for the “everyday Christian” woman, how to study the Bible to figure out biblical answers to hard life questions, and great user-friendly tools for people wanting to go deeper in understanding and interpreting the Word, that is what our guest bloggers will be offering.

The Topics

One thing I like to feature is asking people who’ve studied in seminary or beyond seminary, or who habitually dig deep to study Scripture, perhaps because they lead in-depth studies, perhaps because they preach or teach, perhaps because they write, whatever:
“What is your ‘go-to’ tool, resource, or strategy for studying the Bible and interpreting it?”
So I’ve invited my colleagues to write a post on that ONE thing, describing what it is, why it’s a go-to for them, why it works, and how to do/use it. Each of my blogs will feature a particular, blog-appropriate theme, as described below.

On the Blog:

* “1 Thing You Can Use in Your Bible Study Today”1 Thing You Can Use in Your Bible Study Today Series

In the “1 Thing” series posts, which are indicated by an asterisk in the list below and by the cute little flower icon you see to the right here, contributors will present one great, simple, but maybe-not-everyone-knows-it tool for studying Scripture. This series features strategies, resources, and tools that will help you today go deeper in your Bible study in an efficient way.


On the Blog:

The “best practices” series on biblical interpretation: something the Guest Poster has learned, perhaps in seminary or perhaps not, that really opened her eyes to studying Scripture. This may be a how-to, a principle, a strategy, etc. These will be the more advanced techniques, strategies, principles, resources, tools, etc. of the two series.


Links to Guest Bloggers’ Books/Resources:


Resources recommended by guest posters:

Bronwyn Lea:

Megan DeFranza:

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