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Women, Leadership, and the Bible: How Do I Know What to Believe?

Thank you for your interest in Women, Leadership, and the Bible!

If you have…
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  • Taught from it
  • Used it to prepare a Bible study or sermon
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Then, please leave us feedback in the comments below!

We’re not merely looking for pats on the back for Dr. Eastman, but for how God is using this book (and any of our other resources and products) in the world for the benefit and maturing of his church.
We’re definitely always “under construction” (on many levels!) and on the lookout for ways to improve and ideas to develop new resources for you.
If you have questions or suggestions, please leave those, too.

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Gift Idea!
A book always makes a great gift!
And a book like WLB that takes a girlfriend deeper and more solidly into God’s Word says, “You are my BFF, sista.”

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