Hi Friends,

Tomorrow morning, David will do his final training run for the Columbus Marathon! Friday will be a long walk, but that’ll be the final training before Sunday morning. I won’t get to go watch him this year, as I’ll be in NYC speaking about my book for a group there. Obviously, I’m extremely excited about that opportunity, yet still sad I’ll miss the excitement of the marathon atmosphere, our family racing from point to point to catch a glimpse of him and others we know running, and – of course – David crossing the finish line once again!

Please continue to pray for David’s ankle, which was injured a few weeks ago by our dastardly at-the-time-busted tractor, as David was trying to push it back into its shed. The ankle is "runnable," but continues to be an issue.

In the meantime, allow me to e-introduce you to Chamba and his sister, Linda.

They live in El Salvador at Love & Hope Children’s Home and were among the kids David met and grew to love when he was down there working with the Ohio Wesleyan student crew.

I can’t tell you anything about their personal history, due to the Salvadoran government’s strict rules. But I can tell you that David really liked Chamba! He’s super-outgoing and affectionate and adored by everyone at Love & Hope.

You can tell a lot about his playful personality from the pictures!

As for the back-story, we’ll simply say that it’s very good that he and Linda are at Love & Hope.

Please remember to give in support of Love & Hope – and David as he runs.
Here is the link: https://www.crowdrise.com/davidsrunforloveandhope/fundraiser/natalieeastman

Many blessings,

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