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Dr. Megan DeFranza on The Bible in the BIG PICTURE

The Bible in the BIG PICTURE Contributed by Megan Defranza Natalie and I met in seminary where we would hash over the complexities of biblical interpretation and the question of women’s ministry, and when we needed a break from all that, we would put the books down and sing. Natalie would take the lead, and I would find some harmony to support her floating soprano whether we were on our own in the missions prayer closet or leading the community in chapel. Seminary is not only good for one’s education; the friendships it offers are life-long. I am honored to […]

Dr. Kay Daigle on Checking for Cultural Blinders

Contributed by Kay Daigle Natalie’s Introduction Have you ever read a book that completely changed the way you view God’s Word? I mean just whacked you upside the head? In the “Best Practices in Bible Study” series here on, we’re highlighting, well, best practices. ☺ That may involve sharing about a book, teaching, or concept that transforms the way you understand Scripture in an explosive way; other times, more subtle. Today’s guest post is about those times when the revelation is so explosive that it’s like God turns the whole thing inside out. Our guest contributor today, Kay Daigle […]

Cara Meredith on How to Look at a Passage Exegetically (VLOG)

How to Look at a Passage Exegetically A V-LOG Contributed by Cara Meredith Cara Meredith provides us with a handy introduction to studying a passage using exegetical techniques. I hope it’s helpful to you. Please leave a comment below as you engage with the material! Interacting and Applying What action(s) resonated with you from what Cara taught? Why? Please leave comments below. About Cara Cara Meredith is a writer, speaker and musician from the greater San Francisco area. She is passionate about theology and books, her family, meals around the table, and finding Beauty in the most unlikely of places. […]

Lynn Bell on Comparing the Gospels as a Tool for Deeper Understanding

Matthew Is Not Mark Is Not Luke Is Not John – For A Reason Comparing the Gospels as a Tool for Deeper Understanding Contributed by Lynn Bell I once attended a church where the minister was known for his practice of reading all the way through the Bible every month. His discipline for being so “in the Word” is admirable. Yet, possibly influenced by this practice, his public teaching seemed to reflect a perspective of the Bible as one long book written all at once by a single author. He rarely mentioned the characteristics of a specific genre included within […]

Bronwyn Lea on Gaining Biblical Perspective When Studying Scripture

The Bible’s Stories within the Biblical Story Video Interview with Bronwyn Lea To kick off our Best Practices in Bible Study for Women series, Bronwyn Lea: one of my favorite writers, thinkers, and people, reminds us to look at the Bible’s accounts as stories within an overarching story. The video says it all. Enjoy! Click on the image here: Reflect & React: What are your thoughts? What one thing can you implement today? Please leave a comment below!


by Natalie
We’re excited (and, yes, a little nervous) to announce… The 2015 Blog-and-Book Tour, Road Trip, and Ministry Launch Extravaganza!   You know, when I go, I go big. It’s just me. It’s usually fun, sometimes messy, typically stressful, and hopefully fruitful for the Kingdom and helpful to the Body of Christ. In fact, this year’s effort will be much more than “just” a book tour, if that were possible. Here’s what’s involved: July 3–9—Blog Tour, a series of blog interviews and posts hosted by various active Christian bloggers and authors July 9—Blog-and-Book Tour Road Trip Kickoff Party July 9—Official Launch of Biblical Breakthrough! Online […]