Thank you for considering donating to help make the Blog-and-Book Tour Road Trip and Product Launch a success. We noticed that your Paypal transaction was either canceled or abandoned. Is this because you were distracted? I mean, I have three kids, two businesses, a house to run, undiagnosed-but-certainly adult ADD, and yesterday (as of this writing) learned I was suffering from PTSD… so I know a little bit about distraction.

If you would still like to donate, we would sincerely appreciate it. Remember: this is not tax-deductible. Sorry about that. But we sincerely appreciate it anyway and although we can’t offer you that tax benefit, we can offer you our undying gratitude. 🙂

Here is that donation link, in case distraction was the issue:

If distraction was not the issue and you simply didn’t want to or “now is not the time,” no worries! I understand completely. Thank you for considering it at all AND, even more, for being a part of the events and supporting the blog, book, and Biblical Breakthrough’s launch!


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