How WLB Came to Be

Lots of friends and folks I’ve met have asked me about the process of writing Women, Leadership, and the Bible: why did I write it? was it difficult to write? how did it develop? So, I decided to start making some videos about the book, to share how it came to life. I figured these would serve two purposes: (1) give you some of the book’s history, and (2) share with you a little more about myself.

The Value of Author Transparency

In general, despite the fact that most writers, including published authors, are poor, often-tormented artists, people put them onto pedestals. Being published is, certainly, quite an honor. It’s never been easy; but with the demise of many traditional publishing houses and their difficulty staying ahead of the bottom line, getting published is harder and harder to do. So, in one regard, respecting an author for their work and credentials, when applicable, is fine and helpful. And it encourages the author, too, I might add. The writing process is a labor of love as well as calling for the Christian writer; so, knowing that people appreciate your work and effort is both encouraging and somewhat of a relief.

Yet, people—again, in general—also do a little bit of idolizing of some authors. Therefore, it’s nice when authors, particularly multiply-published authors, share some of their life with readers to let them know, “Hey, I put on my pants one leg at a time just like everybody else.” While readers don’t need to know every detail of an author’s life, transparency builds rapport as well as a degree of trust.

I believe it’s important for readers to get to know me as the author of a book like this, in which I intentionally don’t directly share a ton about myself. With a little bit more (virtual) chatting, you can know that even though I am qualified to present the material, I’m also completely normal and human—very, extremely human, in fact; and so normal it’s ridiculous.

I hope you enjoy these.

How WLB Came to Be


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